Identify the Original

Kangoo Jumps® is the worldwide leading brand of mobile low impact exercise equipment. Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes, made of the highest quality durable materials, are supported by a Swiss engineered quality guarantee in addition to extensive field experience.

How to identify an Original Kangoo Jumps rebound shoe or spare parts?

The use of Original KJ spare parts is critical to ensure proper function in order to avoid personal injury and/or product damage. Each part of the shoe is marked and identified with the registered Kangoo Jumps logo which is located in areas easily recognizable to allow for quick verification, as follows:

The back of each KJ shoe features the official website and Kangoo Jumps logo in addition to sizing information. The adult model has a serial number that begins with the letter S.

The Shells have the Kangoo Jumps logo embossed on each end of the outside of the curve, with the brand name embossed on the underside.

The T-springs are engraved in shiny letters with the brand name Kangoo Jumps on the outer bands (XR, Pro7, or Pro6) indicated at 4 side locations where they attach to the shells.

The Soles have the Kangoo Jumps logo embossed in the center and come in gray or black only. While the Support Plates are engraved with the specific KJSP logo.

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Trust the Original.